LED Touch Screen Vanity Mirror 22 Light Makeup Mirror Table Desktop 1X/2X/3X/10X Magnifying Vanity 3 Folding Adjustable

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LED Touch Screen 22 Light Makeup Mirror Table Desktop 1X/2X/3X/10X Magnifying Vanity 3 Folding Adjustable 8
LED Touch Screen 22 Light Makeup Mirror Table Desktop 1X/2X/3X/10X Magnifying Vanity 3 Folding Adjustable 7
LED Touch Screen 22 Light Makeup Mirror Table Desktop 1X/2X/3X/10X Magnifying Vanity 3 Folding Adjustable 9

[$10.00] 7-18 days - United States (US)


LED Touch Screen 22 Light Makeup Mirror Table Desktop Makeup 1X/2X/3X/10X Magnifying Mirrors Vanity 3 Folding Adjustable Mirror


1.Patented intergrated LED (Numbers:22) light evenly illuminates, to provide the perfect

mirroring experience in low lighting condition. Enegy Efficient bulit-in LED lights, keep cool while conserving energy.

No cords: Two-way powered, 4*AAA batteries(NOT INCLUDED) or operated by external Mirco USB port, you can use Power Bank, USB Wall Charger, PC Desktop or Laptop to light it,a backup power-way when batteries run out.

Power switch on the back, flip to ON. Small circle on the bottom center the mirror, touch circle, ON / OFF light.

2.1X, 2X and 3X Magnification

Get the close view with the mirror, which magnify your image. It’s ideal for applying eyeliner, eye makeup, and other tasks that require precision.

It has a regular mirror on one size and the magnifying mirrors on the other,making this a very versatile tool for your beauty collection.

3.Adjustable stander that allows you to position it to your preference, and to use the mirror even if you’re standing up. Tri-folded design will save a lot of space of your table.

4. Fashional black colour, never get out of date. This will look great when placed in even the most luxurious bathrooms.

Installing the batteries:

Remove the battery cover on the back of the mirror

Insert the batteries in the direction indicated inside the battery compartment ( battery not included)

Be sure to insert the battery correctly ( +/ -)

Replace the battery cover

Packing included:

1 * Folded Makeup Mirror Lamp

​1* USB cable

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Equipped, Adjustable





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Makeup Mirror





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Attention:If Russian is out of stock,

i will ship out from China by fast ePacket!

Mirror Size(Open)


Power by

Battery (not included)/USB cable


Touch screen, LED light


180 degree rotating


1X/2X/3X Magnifier touch screen mirror, makeup collector


Black, White, Gold

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  1. v***v

    The parcel came very quickly, the delivery was from Russia. Track number was tracked, home brought by The Courier, pre-calling.
    Packed mirror in a bag with a navel, carton and postal bag.
    The mirror is delivered safely and safely.
    Going easy.
    Mirror on the stand, has sashes. The upper left side mirror increases 2 times, the bottom 3 times. The right side mirror increases 1 time. The central mirror does not increase, it was in a protective film. On it there is an ice illumination with a touch switch on the mirror itself.
    The mirror works from four finger batteries or from the cord, comes complete.
    Also there is a small round mirror on suckers, which increases 10 times.
    The mirror is functional, convenient for makeup and an excellent decoration of the dressing table. Recommend!!!

    Color: White Ships From: Russian Federation


  2. O***t

    Super, ordered the second, mom, very like, comfortable, bright, I recommend! See in detail more ideas and inspiration in mirrors # aliexpressfeed

    Color: White Ships From: Russian Federation


  3. K***k

    This mirror, which is convenient to use even in dim lighting. The backlight works on AAA batteries or from the network, unfortunately, the built-in battery does not have. Rear mirrors are: battery compartment, micro USB connector and on/off button. The touch button is located in front on the bottom of the mirror surface.

    By the way, I ordered a white mirror (at the request of a girlfriend), but I came pink

    Delivery by IML to the Rostov region took a couple of days. The price at the time of ordering is 1556 rubles.

    Color: White Ships From: Russian Federation


  4. K***s

    The Mirror came just Bombay.
    Total 5 mirrors on one tablet.
    In the center of the main mirror without increasing.
    Light bulbs on all sides.
    At the bottom there is a touch button on/off the bulbs.
    From the base there are two sashes.
    There are two mirrors on the left door.
    The upper one increases 2 times.
    Bottom 3 times.
    On the right sash is one mirror, which increases 1 time.
    And in the kit we go round small mirror, which is attached to the suction cups and it increases 10 times.
    The tablet is on the leg, and at the bottom a small bowl for jewelry or cosmetics.
    The whole tablet is 180 degrees and in a circle.
    Also included is a wire for charging.
    And here’s the coolest.
    Flashlights work from the network and from 4 batteries.
    The mirror comes in a box and is well wrapped in a navel.
    Delivery to door by courier.
    There was a mirror less than two weeks.
    To say that I’m happy with this purchase is not to say anything.
    Suggest 100%

    Color: White Ships From: Russian Federation


  5. Y***a

    Packed in a box and a pouty bag, everything is very reliable, nothing has been damaged. The parcel came in 5 days, the courier delivered it to the house. I have such a mirror in golden and in white. I decided to take this for a friend, I really liked it.
    Mirror folding, consists of 3 parts, side mirrors increase the image in 2, 3, 10 times. There is a separate round mirror, it’s on suckers, increases reflection 10 times, you can attach it anywhere. Around the perimeter of the mirror are LEDs, they are illuminated and very convenient to apply makeup. Turns on with the touch button, on the main panel of the mirror. Brightness can be adjusted.
    The Mirror turns in different directions. Powered by 4 мезинчиковых batteries and recharged by USB cable.

    Color: Black Ships From: Russian Federation


  6. E***a

    Thank you, quickly, qualitatively. The seller and I recommend it. This is my second order as a gift.

    Color: Black Ships From: Russian Federation


  7. D***c

    Excellent mirror, I really liked that there is a backlight, and it can work from USB. (I’m comfortable with the bank. The courier brought to the house within 5 days of the order, I’m happy.

    Color: White Ships From: Russian Federation


  8. I***k

    Delivery 3 days. Excellent packaging of goods in a box and soft film. Very good desktop mirror, powered by batteries and from the outlet, there is a sensor on the mirror, turns on when you press the button on a large mirror, the mirror was protected by a film. Included cable. Also can work from batteries. The mirror is foldable. On the sides 2 and 3 times the increase. And round 10x. The base is swivel, you can set the desired tilt. It shines bright. I liked it very much.

    Color: White Ships From: Russian Federation


  9. A***a

    Folding mirror with illumination, in white color.
    Excellent mirror, I take it for the third time took all colors except this.
    Remained delighted with the color bright and saturated, without scratches and any defects.
    Bright illumination of 22 bulbs, touch control.
    Included is a USB cord, powered by a network or batteries. Convenient mirror, large, does not take up much space if it is closed.
    Rotation 180 & Bull;
    Ideal as a gift to loved ones or for home use.
    I’m happy with the purchase.

    Color: White Ships From: Russian Federation


  10. O***i

    Трехстворчатое mirror with LED light. Comes in a box.
    Complete set:
    -Mirror Main
    -Small round mirror on suckers
    -USB cable

    Powered by batteries, can work from the network. In my city from a warehouse in Russia, delivery took a week, the order was brought by the courier to the house. Batteries are not included. The battery compartment is behind, need 4 batteries type A.
    Mirror трехстворчатое. One of the side halves is divided into two, they are with different degree of increase, which is very convenient when applying makeup. A small mirror on the suckers can be placed anywhere your soul, you can do without it.
    On the mirror in the middle of the bottom there is a touch button on and off the backlight.
    Lamps are only on the mirror in the middle.

    The mirror itself is mobile, rotates 180 degrees.

    The mirror is very comfortable, and looks stylish. Quality is not fixprice, I recommend.

    Color: White Ships From: Russian Federation


  11. A***a

    Delivery to Volgograd 1 week brought the courier qualitatively I liked recommend

    Color: Black Ships From: Russian Federation


  12. A***h

    In Sochi, the Mirror came by the courier service in a week. The packaging in the cardboard box and padded with a pupyrka, nothing broke and did not crack. Included USB cord, stand and small round mirror on silicone suckers
    The mirror is foldable, consists of three compartments, powered by 4 batteries or from a USB cable. It is on a stable leg, the cranstein on the mirror turns. The backlight is present only on the central mirror, turns on with a touch button. Central mirror shows real reflection, side mirrors with different degree of increase. Very convenient when you paint your eyes.
    The thing is quality, did not find any defects.
    I’m happy with the purchase, I recommend

    Color: White Ships From: Russian Federation


  13. S***a

    That’s the service! Delivery is smart! 7 days to the door by courier, the goods were satisfied! Everything came whole. As in the description. The seller is sociable. I recommend the goods and the seller.

    Color: White Ships From: Russian Federation


  14. K***B

    Packed perfectly, during transportation did not hurt. Color chose black. Very convenient, the stand is stable. The mirror consists of several mirrors, usual, an increase of 1, 2,3 and 10 times. There is a backlight, the eyes do not blind. The mirror is foldable, also can be adjusted to 180 s. Delivery to the Republic of Buryatia took 12 days

    Color: Black Ships From: Russian Federation


  15. N***a

    The mirror is really functional. It is made in the form of a trill with swing sashes. LED lighting works from four AAA batteries or from a USB cable-to whom it is more convenient.
    For applying makeup is great. The Mirror has several degrees of increase: the central part gives the image in full size, on the sash there is a 2x and 3x increase, also included is a round mirror on silicone suckers with a 10x increase. Really convenient.
    The backlight is quite sufficient for comfortable work, while not blinking the eyes.

    Color: White Ships From: Russian Federation


  16. O***a

    Delivery fast, courier to the house. Packing is a dense box and a film. The condition is perfect.
    The kit includes a USB cable. The stand is powered by AAA batteries, behind the case there is a battery compartment and an on/off button.
    Mirror tilt can be adjusted to 180 °. The kit includes a round magnifying mirror on suckers. It increases the reflection 10 times, it is very convenient to consider small details.
    Mirror with illumination can recommend as an idea for a gift.

    Color: White Ships From: Russian Federation


  17. A***a

    Elegant desktop Mirror, The Mirror is divided into several sections, has a magnifying function, increases 1-2-3 times. Also in the kit there is a small round mirror on suckers, it increases 10 times.

    The size of the mirror in the unfolded form: 24*34 cm.
    The size of the mirror in the folded form is 24*18 cm.
    Stand size: 12*16 cm.

    Mirror with illumination, illumination turns on from Touch touch. There is a connector for a3 * 4 PCs batteries, as well as a USB cord is included. The light is bright, I liked this lighting. Shines LED light pieces.

    The material is plastic.
    The seller has the goods presented in several colors, I chose pink. It was packed firmly, in a navel, and then in a box, everything went into value and safety.
    Delivery to Moscow 2 days! To order I recommend, ideal for a gift or for yourself beloved.

    Color: Rose Gold Ships From: Russian Federation


  18. Y***a

    Although delivery from Russia, but the deadline was about the same as most orders from China. I brought the Courier, it’s a plus. A small mirror on the suckers, falls off, but it’s the norm. I hope will last a long time)

    Color: Rose Gold Ships From: Russian Federation


  19. ***s

    The mirror is excellent, I ordered the second one, delivery 5 days by courier from Russia.
    Mirror with two sashes.
    The left sash consists of two parts: the upper one with 3 times the increase, the lower one with 2. The right mirror increases fully in 2 times. The main one without increase and there are 22 LED lights on it
    Small mirror on suckers with 10 times increase
    Lighting works due to conventional batteries, you need to purchase them in advance in the kit there is no
    Also the mirror works from USB
    You can turn on and off the mirror with a special touch button. to turn on, there is a switch on the back of the mirror
    The backlight is not bright, but it is enough to apply makeup
    Mirror changes position on planes
    Super, recommend

    Color: Rose Gold Ships From: Russian Federation


  20. E***a

    Cool makeup mirror. Delivered quickly, packed in pupyrka and on the road did not suffer. Powered by batteries. On the mirror there are sections with different increases. Mirror on Hinge, can choose convenient to use angle. In the base there is a compartment for different trifles. Seller have some different color case

    Color: Black Ships From: Russian Federation


  21. N***a

    The mirror is folding, it consists of three compartments, plus there is an additional magnifying mirror on the suction cup.

    A huge Plus is the diode illumination around the perimeter of the main central mirror, which is turned on by touch pressing on the mirror.
    This is very convenient, because additional lighting when applying makeup is important.

    The mirror is attached to a stable leg, which has a rotating cranstein, respectively, the mirror itself can be tilted at any angle! Another plus in the piggy bank!

    Color: Rose Gold Ships From: Russian Federation


  22. R***y

    Delivery took about a week. This time, I chose a mirror in a beautiful unusual shade. This shade is very successful, as there are no fingerprints on it.
    The mirror is packed perfectly. Трельяжик consists of five Mirrors: The Central mirror is ordinary, on the left and right sashes are three mirrors with different degrees of increase, and an additional round mirror, on “suckers”, with a ten-fold increase in display.
    The central mirror cloth is equipped with LED illumination. The backlight can function from the network (USB cable included), and also from four AAA batteries.
    The trill is very convenient to operate, stable, compact, easily changes the angle of tilt.

    Color: Rose Gold Ships From: Russian Federation


  23. Frishay Shopper

    Nice mirror. I get it again for a gift. The mirror is packed in a box. There are LED light bulbs that work from USB wire. Also can From AAA batteries. Every mirror with a Rasted increase. The most magnifying glass is round, on the suction cup. The mirror fits perfectly into the interior. I recommend to buy.

    Color: Rose Gold Ships From: Russian Federation

    Frishay Shopper

  24. K***a

    It’s beautiful. Suitable for any interior. Gorgeous. Very fast delivery. Four days in total. I will definitely order for a gift more, the price is super. Quality is good. Turns 180 degrees. It shines bright. I really like it.

    Color: Black Ships From: Russian Federation


  25. y***a

    Cool mirror, very comfortable. turns around turns around. Strong, plastic. Super Duper. packed reliably, delivery is very fast. Tracking. Purchase is happy with all 100%

    Color: Black Ships From: Russian Federation


  26. I***m

    Table mirror with illumination from # dearbeauty store.
    Delivery by fast courier. Well packed. Mirror whole. On the mirror itself, a protective film from scratches. Mirror with 2 sashes. Remember, maybe someone in the old age had a huge mirror made of wood? And this is a small, comfortable and improved model, and even with illumination. You can at least put without much effort than moving a huge, heavy mirror. This is just a great thing.
    The left sash of the mirror consists of 2 parts: the top with a mirror increase, the bottom with a 2-fold increase. Also there is a small mirror on suckers with 10 times the increase. The backlight can be turned on via USB cable, which is in the kit or just putting simple batteries (batteries are not included). The seller has 3 colors to choose from. (Black, white, pink), and 10 deliveries to different countries. Excellent mirror, you can and for a gift. You can also choose in the store a lot of cosmetic tools for beauty.

    Color: Rose Gold Ships From: China


  27. K***a

    The mirror is large, it is convenient that it folds. Turns 180 degrees. Works from any wire and charging Tape C, also from batteries.
    Good qulity.
    LED lighting is beautiful and comfortable, with a touch button. Even adjustable brightness, from less to more.
    Delivered the courier in 5 days, ordered from a warehouse in Russia.

    Color: Rose Gold Ships From: Russian Federation


  28. G***a

    Hi there, today I want to show you a beauty find for every girl, such a mirror will be an excellent assistant.

    Delivery to Moscow 6 days. Track number is tracked all the way. Packaging postal bag, box and all the details in a special film, I can note the seller takes care of his goods.

    The Mirror goes on a leg with a strong stand, on which there are small compartments for small things, such as cosmetics: lipstick, mascara, shadows, etc.

    At the bottom of the mirror there is a button, when you click on which you can turn on LED backlight. Shines well and does not hit the eye.

    Color: White Ships From: China


  29. 9***r

    Color: Black Ships From: France


  30. v***v

    When buying goods please note. Assembly artisanal. The eyesight is simply glued, the body itself is not like it does not fix, so the mirror cut on the contour is thrown into the eyes.

    Color: White Ships From: China


  31. v***v

    Delivered on time, ordered 26.02, came 16.03 (Voronezh). Packed perfectly, without comment. Mirror, wire, stand and small mirror. Batteries are not included, you need 4 AAA, there is also no unit for USB.
    The mirrors themselves are good, without scratches, chips and do not distort. Increase as expected, especially pleased with a small round, it can be even in a cosmetic bag throw. The backlight is also super, connected to its unit, everything works perfectly, turns on and turns on smoothly. In the stand do not put much, but it’s not necessary, there’s a wire. You can rotate in all directions, it was very pleasant, you can put it at any angle.
    Of the minuses, this, of course, is the quality of the case itself. Expected the best for 2.3 K. The photo shows some defects, mostly it’s all uneven. The use is not affected, but the view spoils, for me it was important. Plus one mirror was not until the end in the case, so that the edge could be affected. The sashes do not close to the end.

    Color: Rose Gold Ships From: China


  32. s***s

    Color: White Ships From: China


  33. A***v

    It came for 3 days. Mirror Super, took his wife.

    Color: White Ships From: China


  34. R***p

    Color: White Ships From: Czech Republic


  35. B***v

    The seller solved the problem – can recommend him and the product! Thank you again!

    Color: Black Ships From: China


  36. T***a

    Color: White Ships From: China


  37. N***e


    Color: Rose Gold Ships From: China


  38. Frishay Shopper

    Color: White Ships From: Czech Republic

    Frishay Shopper

  39. U***r

    Color: Rose Gold Ships From: China


  40. w***n

    item was supposed to be express delivery 7days.
    arrived in 1month.
    when arrived was damaged.

    Color: Rose Gold Ships From: United Kingdom


  41. M***e

    Color: White Ships From: China


  42. Frishay Shopper

    Unfortunately I never had this product because apparently the product would have been lost ….. <2en> really very disappointed because in addition it is me who is to ask or was my order ..☹️

    Color: Rose Gold Ships From: China

    Frishay Shopper

  43. S***a

    Color: Black Ships From: China