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Adjustable Golf Swing Trainer Practice Rope Accessory

Adjustable Golf Swing Trainer Practice Rope Accessory

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Adjustable Golf Swing Trainer Practice Rope Accessory

A quick and effective warm-up, relaxation, body coordination, and other exercises, such as building muscle memory, can help you work out efficiently and find your power points.
The rod practice stick is powerful, which helps to train the swing rhythm, strengthen the whole body muscles needed for the swing, and release the swing power. Effectively increase yardage.
Various bad postures in life disrupt the balance of the body. Healthy body posture is important. Rope swings improve flexibility as well as correct body posture.
Depending on the position of the motion control belt, there are three ways to move.
1. During daily training, when fastening the seat belt, face the direction of the rope handle.
2. If you hold the tape in the middle, practice the tape as you increase your bat speed.
3. Hold the tape high up for tapping practice.


Product name: Swing and turn body energy rope
Product material: silicone + elastic rope
Product size: 99cm*50cm/38.97*19.68 IN


Model Number: Golf Swing Practice Rope

Type: Swing Trainer