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Golf Swing Trainer Ball For Golf Beginner

Golf Swing Trainer Ball For Golf Beginner

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Color - Light Grey
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Model Number: K3I

Type: Swing Trainer

Material: PVC

Size: 15CM

Choice: yes



Material: Environmental friendly flocking PVC

Diameter: about 15cm /5.91in

Color: Black/Blue/Pink/Gray

Product weight: About 50g


1. Professional coach teaching necessary swing auxiliary training artifact, popular in Europe and the United States

2. Scientific and reasonable design and construction, easy to carry, easy to use, inflatable balls can adjust the size of their own, neck rope can adjust the length, suitable for different height golf enthusiasts.

3. this inflatable smart ball is connected to an adjustable rope to satisfy anyone's needs.

It is currently on the market a very good training aids can be used in the armpit, can also be inflated between the forearm.

The smart ball will help you understand how the arm and body work during the effective golf swing.

Now control your swing, so you can have effortless power instead of weak effort.

Using this golf intelligent inflatable ball practitioner can correctly grasp the swing posture, fix and strengthen the arm distance muscle memory, avoid arm bending, synchronize your body and arm, effectively improve the swing skills so as to master the correct swing posture, find the right hitting point.

It is a good training tool for golf enthusiasts to improve your swing performance through repeated training of intelligent ball practitioners for a short time.



There are plastic sheets to prevent leakage.When blowing, it is necessary to pinch the air holes and operate the same when deflating.


Package include:

1 * Golf Swing Trainer ball+ 1 * Inflator