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Gold Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Tools Set

Gold Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Tools Set

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Color - Spatula
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Gold Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Tools Set

Gold Spoons Stainless Steel Soup Shovel Cookware Kitchen Utensils Cocina Cooking Tools Home Restaurant Accessories



Sale: Drop shipping,Wholesale,Retail

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Gold

Packing Included: 1*Cookware

Rice Spoon: Long 23cm Width: 7.2 cm Weight:102gsm

Whitefly: Long:33.5cm Width :7.7cm Weight:125g

Soup Spoon: Long 33cm Width:9cm Weight:156g

Spatula: Long 36cm Width:11.5cm Weight:155g

Colander: Long 36cm Width:11.5cm Weight:155g

Fried Shovel: Long 37.5cm Width:8cm Weight:134g

Public Spoon: Long 36cm Width:11.5cm Weigth:139g

Public Colander: Long 36cm Width:11.5cm Weight:139g

Type1: Cooking Utensils

Type2: Cooking Tools

Type3: Healthy, wearable, elegant and beautiful


Rice Spoon :Long 23cm  Width: 7.2 cm Weight:102gsm 

Whitefly : Long:33.5cm Width :7.7cm Weight:125g 

Soup Spoon :Long 33cm Width:9cm Weight:156g

Spatula :Long 36cm Width:11.5cm Weight:155g

Colander :Long 36cm Width: 11.5cm  Weight:155g

Fried Shovel :Long 37.5cm Width:8cm  Weight:134g

Public Spoon :Long 36cm Width:11.5cm  Weigth:139g

Public Colander :Long 36cm Width:11.5cm  Weight:139g


Material:Stainless Steel


Packing Included:1*Cookware

Package included:1pcs Cooking Tools as you choice


high qualtiy food material wildely used on cooking and baking;