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Multifunctional Bed Mite Remover Vacuum Cleaner

Multifunctional Bed Mite Remover Vacuum Cleaner

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Product parameters:

Product name:Vacuum Mite Remover

Product power: 30W

Working principle: flapping+blue light+adsorption

Rated voltage: 5V==0.5-1A

Battery voltage: 3.7V-3.5A

Filter screen type: HPEA filter

Operation mode: button type, hand-held

Charging time: about 300min


Strong suction, blue light effect, efficient acarid removal, low noise, vertical air duct, wireless operation

5 characteristics

01.     Turn on the off full cleaning mode

02.     Portable hand-held

03.     Blue light effect under running state, deep removal of mites

04.     Super suction, high motor speed, powerful power provided by built-in chip

05.     Double layer filtration, effectively adsorbing dust and dust mites into the dust box