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Silver Black Golf Sand Wedges Clubs

Silver Black Golf Sand Wedges Clubs

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Color - Silver 50 SG002
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Gender: Unisex

Club Type: Wedges

Shaft Material: Steel

Dexterity: Right Handed

Flex: R

Article number: SG002

Product category: sand wedge

Stop angle /Lie: 60

Rod head material: Stainless steel

Body material: Stainless steel

Inclination/Loft: 56


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I know there are many products in the market that are the same as ours, and their pictures look the same, but the quality is different. We have our own production factory, and we can provide you with the highest quality products and the lowest price for all golf products. You can send us pictures of the style you want, and we will provide you with a quotation. At the same time, we also accept wholesale orders. If you place a bulk order, the price will be cheaper. We look forward to working with you and will provide you with the highest quality service.

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Product Description



Article number



G Series Golf Sandstick


About 0.5kg

Club head material

stainless steel

Body material

stainless steel

Club angle

50 degrees 52degree54degree56degree58degree60degree62degree64degree


Black, silver

Packaging size

Single packing: 100x12.5x12.5cm, bulk packing: 121x13x13cm (10 pcs)


1. CNC milling face texture 2. Stainless steel head material 3. Stainless steel shaft