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Smart Robot Vacuum Mop with Cyclone Suction

Smart Robot Vacuum Mop with Cyclone Suction

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Color - 3C Enhanced Edition
Plug Type - EU
Ships From - CHINA
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Function: Mopping & Sweeping & Suction Type

Power (W): 40w

Voltage (V): 14.4V

Dust Box Capacity (L): <0.5 L

Remote Control: Yes

Special Suction Nozzle: Wiping & Absorbing Ground Brush

Filter Type: HEPA

Weight: <3 kg

Bag Or Bagless: Bagless


Dust Storage Type: Dust Box/Dust Bucket

Battery Life: 1 hour-1 hour and 30 minutes

Installation: Robot

Timing Reservation: Yes

Size(mm): 325*325*98mm

Number of operating modes: 3-4

Number of nozzles: 1-3 nozzles

Cord Length (m): Wireless

Cleaning Route: Planned Type

Certification: CB

Certification: ce

Certification: ROHS

Liquid tank volume: <3l

Battery Type: Li-ion

Turbo Brush: YES

Release Date: 2024

Dust box volume: 400ML

Water tank capacity: 270ML

Battery: 2500 mAh

Anti Falling: Yes

Anti Collision: Yes

Host Size: 325*325*98mm



Quickly Recognize Home Layout: LDS Laser Navigation System
No Need for Frequent Manual Intervention: 400mL Dustbin + 270mL Water Tank
Efficiently Clean Ground Debris with 5000Pa Powerful Suction
Control via Smartphone: Connects to the Mi Home App
Improved Cleaning Efficiency with Bow-shaped and Y-shaped Mopping Paths

Newly Upgraded Features:

Increased Suction Power from 4000Pa to 5000Pa
Dustbin Capacity Expanded from 300mL to 400mL
Water Tank Capacity Increased from 170mL to 270mL

6*360°/s Rotation for Comprehensive Scanning

Easily Create Accurate Home Maps on the Mi Home App to Plan Efficient Cleaning Routes. This robot vacuum is truly intelligent.

LDS Laser Navigation System

Minimize Missed Spots, Repetition, and Getting Lost
Compared to VSLAM and Inertial Navigation, LDS Laser Navigation is an advanced and mature navigation technology, offering high positioning accuracy, more precise measurements, and stable operation. It ensures accurate environment recognition, fast mapping, fewer missed spots, precise recharging, map memory, and fearlessness in darkness.

Precise APP Map

Meet Your Ever-Changing Needs
After mapping, you can create more rational cleaning plans according to your home environment. Clean the way you want.

Remote Control via Mi Home App for More Cleaning Possibilities

Connect to the Mi Home App for remote control, putting cleaning in the palm of your hand. You can remotely control sweeping and mopping, monitor progress in real-time, schedule daily cleaning, choose cleaning modes, and set cleaning to be completed before you get back home. OTA online updates are also available.

5000Pa Powerful Fan

Clean the Floor in One Sweep
Equipped with a 5000Pa high-power fan and 3 suction modes, it can quickly clean up dust, hair, and fine debris from the floor, making it dust-free and comfortable.

Two-in-One Large Capacity Dustbin and Water Tank

Save You from Frequent Manual Intervention
400mL Dustbin Capacity for less frequent emptying.
270mL Water Tank Capacity to reduce frequent water changes.
*Added Dustbin Dust Guard: "Locks" the trash inside the dustbin to avoid secondary pollution.

Bow-shaped Sweep + Y-shaped Mop

Effortlessly Improve Cleaning Efficiency
Bow-shaped cleaning path planning improves cleaning efficiency. The Y-shaped mop path is designed for mopping, simulating manual cleaning with back-and-forth wiping, easily removing stains.

Compact 325mm Body

Fits Easily in Your Home
With its compact and minimalist design, it occupies less space and fits well in most homes.

Built-in Multiple Sets of Sensors to Reduce Collisions and Stuck Situations

The robot is equipped with multiple sets of sensors, easily perceiving complex environments and effectively reducing collisions and falls during cleaning, making cleaning worry-free.

Intelligent Device Integration, Customized Cleaning Solutions Defined by You

Connect to the Mi Home App and link with other Xiaomi smart devices like door locks, air purifiers, etc., to customize unique cleaning solutions and experience a new era of whole-house intelligent cleaning.

Package Contents:

Main Unit x1
Main Brush Cover x1 (already installed on the main unit)
Main Brush x1 (already installed on the main unit)
Mop Cloth x1 (already installed on the mop bracket)
Two-in-One Water Tank x1 (already installed on the main unit, required for both sweeping and mopping)
Mop Bracket x1
Side Brush x1
Power Adapter x1
Charging Dock x1
Cleaning Brush x1 (inside the Two-in-One Water Tank)
User Manual x1